athensAlthough one may think that there are few Sailing Option near the City of Athens, there are several ittinerary that may start from Alimos and may lead you to excelent natural coves and small hidden paradises...


The city of the Olympic idea, the crossroad of west and east cultural and fashion events, Filled with contrasts, ancient and Byzantine, neoclassical and modern, crowded and solitary, it is a "must" for visitors to Greece, Sights' Acropolis, Parthenon, Theatre of Dionysus connected with the Herod Atticus Odeum where festivals are hosted every summer, the National Museum one of 18 museums, Plaka, the oldest and most picturesque and attractive corner with narrow alleys flanked by single story houses set next to elegant mansions, Lykabettus, clad in pinewoods and crowned by the white chapel of St,George offering a panoramic view over the entire city, Keramikos with tavernas and cafes for tranquility and numerous other highlights,


A favorite yachtsmen's island near by Athens, with a busy all year town, The fish and the fruit market close to the port remind one of a bazaar, Sights' The remains of the Temple of Aphrodite,


A small islet separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow channel, Picturesque and attractive, the town is built on rocky slopes covered with pine trees and attracts yachting friends all year Sights'Temple of Posidon, Lemon Forest


A mountainous island close to Athens that attracts visitors all year round Popular worldwide for the historical town, which is built amphitheatrically around the picturesque port, it is a favorite resort of the rich and famous The absence of vehicles makes Hydra peace- ful during the day, however, the crowds fill the many tavernas and clubs during the evenings, SPETSES:

A green island with pine trees and a beautiful old harbor with neo-classic mansions, NAFPLIO:

The ex-capitol of Greece, divided into new and old town, marked by Roman, Byzantine and Venetian civilization, Sights' Three castles from each civilization


A Byzantine area of Greece connected to Peloponnese by a strip of land, with remains of a fortress wall and numerous Byzantine churches, it is a must for visitors who love history


A small islet close to Kithira well known for white sandy beaches, turquoise crystal waters and fresh fish,


The island south of Peloponnese well known for white pebbled beaches and clear blue waters, Sights: Remains of Venetian towers


An historic and attractive town known for the battle of Navarino, where the Turkish fleet was destroyed, Sights Castles


A beautiful town divided into the new and the old, surrounded by green valleys and fertile land, Sights' Castles,


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